Restorative Dental Care

Restorative dental care addresses pain, broken teeth, and infections. If this is a problem for you, get your smile up and shining again by scheduling a restorative dental visit. This is the first step before cosmetic dental care and will improve the look of your smile.

In Dr. Johnson’s care, you do not need to worry. With gentle care, she will get your teeth working again. The team at 1101 Dental will help to create a treatment plan that is comfortable for you.

What Restorative Dentistry Can Do For You:

  • Improve your smile
  • Fix an overbite
  • Save your tooth
  • Stop dental pain
  • Repair broken teeth
  • Remove dental decay
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Replace old, unattractive fillings
  • Restore normal eating and chewing

If you have a tooth that needs to be fixed, call us today!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings are used to fix teeth that have decay, cracks, or fractures. The unhealthy part of the tooth will be removed and a filling will be placed. This is done in just one appointment. Because fillings are tooth-colored, they look natural and people will not even know they are there!


A crown covers the tooth to improve the shape and size. It even protects and strengthens the tooth itself. This can be used when a filling will not work. Crowns are commonly made out of porcelain. Dr. Heather Johnson will make sure to match the shape, size, and color of your tooth, giving you a natural, beautiful smile.

1101 Dental is proud to offer CEREC® one-visit crowns to our patients. This technology allows us to create a model of your mouth, create the crown, and place it in your mouth all during one visit! CEREC crowns fit great and feel natural in your mouth. This means you will be back to your normal activities in no time! And the best part is, we take digital impressions of your tooth, which means no gooey impression material for you!

Fixed Bridges

A dental bridge is a permanent appliance that replaces missing teeth. Dr. Heather Johnson will make the bridge to fit on two crowns placed on each side of the gap in your smile. The bridge will then close the gap in your teeth so that you can do more smiling!

What Does a Bridge Do?

  • Fill space from missing teeth
  • Maintain facial shape
  • Prevent other teeth from moving
  • Help with chewing and talking
  • Improve your smile
  • Upgrade from a removable partial denture to a permanent solution

Getting the perfect bridge typically takes two dental visits. At your first visit to 1101 Dental, the teeth on each side of the gap are prepared for a crown. A digital impression will be made of your mouth so that a lab can make the perfect bridge for you. This means no more gooey impression material! Before you leave, a temporary bridge will be placed in your mouth. At your second appointment at 1101 Dental, your permanent bridge will be placed. Dr. Johnson will make sure that you have a perfect fit and are happy with your smile!

Dentures & Partial Dentures

A denture is a removable dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. It is made to look like your natural teeth and improve your smile. A complete set of dentures is made for patients when all of their teeth are missing. Partial dentures are made for patients when some of their teeth are still in place.

If you need dentures, 1101 Dental is the place for you! Dr. Heather Johnson will make sure that your dentures are the perfect shape, color, and fit. You will be eating all of your favorite foods again!

If you are interested in implant-retained dentures, be sure to make an appointment at 1101 Dental. For this type of denture, Dr. Johnson will fit dentures over dental implants so that your dentures actually snap into place. This is another way to get a great set of dentures and a smile that you will love to show off.

All-on-4TM Dental Implants

If you are wearing uncomfortable dentures that do not fit right, make an appointment at 1101 Dental. All-on-4 dental implants may be right for you. Dr. Heather Johnson will make permanent replacement teeth that attach onto dental implants in your jaw. This means you will be back to talking, eating, and smiling with ease again. This can be done in as little as one day, getting you back to a beautiful smile in no time!

Benefits of All-on-4 Dental Implants:

  • Immediate, long-lasting results
  • Restore shape of cheeks, lips, & face
  • Permanent teeth that are brushed & cleaned like natural teeth
  • No adhesives
  • Comfortable fit with no slipping

Root Canal Therapy

When a nerve of a tooth is infected, you will find yourself in pain. Make an appointment at 1101 Dental for a root canal. The team at 1101 Dental will make sure that you understand your treatment plan and are comfortable during any procedures. If you do need a root canal, Dr. Heather Johnson will be there every step of the way!


Sometimes we have to extract, or remove, a tooth. If an extraction is your best option, Dr. Johnson will make sure that you know the next step. She will take time to talk about all of your restorative options including implant crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures.

Call us today to learn more about getting a crown in just one visit.